Thursday, March 28, 2013

Makan-Makan in Bandung


Seperti tajuk yang telah dipilih makan-makan di Bandung so of course I wanna share bout some of my eating experiences in Bandung which I must say very interesting and never disappointing...As a food lovers exploring the foreign taste (chait, foreign le sangat makan nasi gak!!!hihihi) is a must and in order to adapt and get used to the new environment tatsing and trying the food is a very crucial and necessary experiment...therefore, I have few pics that I wanna share bout few places that I have went to indulge my passion for food...

1. Warung PatiLele - Warung Kedai Ikan Keli
But, they offer lots of other menus (x le bnyk sngt, but there are varieties)...
The price is reasonable and I think it's quite cheap..
The taste is good!!!
The place is clean though it is not very big, it is comfortable..

                           ada ayam, lele (ikan keli) & bebek (itik) as the choose from

this is what I in Indonesia they really love tauhu and tempe with sambal..the nasi that I ate is nasi uduk kinda like nasi lemak..

 this is my friend, emma's dish..pecel lele with spcial sauce..can't remember the name but it's good..there's sweetness and a bit of spiciness in it..

2. Java Break in Bandung Indah Plaza
This is what I had after a trip into Rumah Hantu Bandung (I'll write on another page)..since I had order bubur ayam for my dinner ( didn't pan to go to the Rumah Hantu) so I just had this Sweet and Rich Strawberry Choco yoghurt..while accompanying my friends to eat..

 Sweet and Rich Strawberry Choco yoghurt with whip cream on top just made my day and put a smile on my face..coz I'm a sweet tooth so I enjoy it so very much..

 Java Break is the brand name...I found it in BIP (Bandung Indah Plaza)..they offer lots of other types of drinks but most of it coffee..

3. Roemah enak-enak
Roemah enak-enak is highly recommended by me coz I really appreciate the decorations and the atmosphere of the is inviting and the taste of the food is not bad, it is actually taste nice and the most important point is it suits my taste bud...At first, we thought that it would be pricy...judging from the apperance of the restaurant but it is not..The price is acceptable and can be considered cheap for a classy place like this..Imagining if we were to eat at a restaurant like this in Kuala Lumpur, it would cost us more and it would be very pricy...

 Roemah enak-enak...This place is superb for is cozy n is suitable if you wanna have a date here...huhuhu..I also had a date with my GF Syikin Rosli here for our dinner..and it is absolutely not disappointing

ada candle lagi..ala-ala candle light dinner gitu, beratapkan langit malam dan angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa ( x ke sikit punya romantik tu) and this is my GF for the night, thanks to Syikin Rosli we gotta find a wonderful place for our buku menu pon special

bunga pon ada dengan pasu lg...(plus point for a romantic atmosphere..huhuhu) we were sitted at table no 28..

these are some of the decorations on the wall..

the decoration inside of the restaurant

lemon punch..frizzy and refreshing..wohooo!!! taste Good..

 These are our food for the night...simple dishes but awesome taste for 2 hungry bellies..huhuhu..terasa mcm di Malaysia plak

Cool huh...this is the sign to show ladies toilet

this is the toilet's door from inside..hahaha..the funny feeling snapping a picture in a bathroom still  stuck in my head..but I gotta admit..the door is unique and that's the only reason for me to took out my camera and documented this.The toilet's door!!!

this is the sign to show gents toilet

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